неделя, 20 август 2017 г.

Rila, Malyovitza 2017

This year we are getting to know Rila better - this is our fourth hike in the highest mountain on the Balkans for the year. We climbed the peak of Malyavitza last autumn and we liked it a lot. It's heavy duty climbing - steep rocky pathways, big elevation, long distance, balanced by beautiful views and the satisfaction of achievement at the top.

River Malyovitza, which starts from the lakes at the foot of the peak, quickly becomes full-watered:

Hut Malyovitza and the peak behind

The valley of Malyovitza river

The biggest of Elena's lakes

Climbing up the path makes visible all the three of  Elena's lakes

A view to Rila Monastery from the ridge of the mountain - it's on the other side of the mountain

Husband and I on the top

The views are spectacular and now I know (personally :) some of these peaks - in the distance are the Kalins and Otovitza

The Malyovitza lakes

Down the path back to start of the trail

This mountain bird was very brave and didn't care about tourists at all

The second of the Elena's lakes

Up-close lit by the sunshine the waters of the big Elena's lake looked turquoise

Malyovitza river

The steepest and probably most difficult part of the trail

Last view to Malyovitza in the distance